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16 December 2008

Security update for 0.2-beta

There were two security issues reported which are now fixed. The first was as possible code injection using the html2text conversion script. The other exploit used the unchecked size parameters of the quota image to let PHP create huge images eating up all the server memory.

21 September 2008

Version 0.2-beta released

This new version comes with many fixed bugs and some new features like

13 June 2008

We now accept donations!

After getting several requests about donations for our project we decided to open a PayPal account for this purpose. But donations to RoundCube Webmail will be passed to charity projects, mainly the KANTHA BOPHA Children’s Hospital in Cambodia.

09 June 2008

Version 0.2-alpha released

This pre-release of version 0.2 comes up with a DOM-based HTML sanitization which removes malicious JavaScript code from HTML messages and fixes all known XSS vulnerabilities. And we also fixed more than 100 bugs.

05 April 2008

Update v0.1.1 released

The first service update for RoundCube Webmail 0.1-stable is now available. It contains important bug fixes and updates of some incomplete localization files. We recommend to update all installations of 0.1-stable. Read the UPGRADING instructions to find out how to do this.

04 March 2008

RoundCube Webmail 0.1-stable released

After more than two years of development we finally released the first stable version of RoundCube Webmail. It’s not as feature rich as we’d like it to be but the released version is considered to run stable for a productive environment. Thanks to our users we fixed many bugs and added some nice new features. So go ahead and upgrade your installations now.


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11 April 2018

Elastic: Calendar

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28 January 2018

Elastic: Image tools and more

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23 November 2017

Elastic: Core functionality covered

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23 September 2017


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20 April 2017

Recipient input widget

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27 December 2016

Sieve raw editor

Thanks to great CodeMirror editor and its built-in syntax highlighter we now have a nice editor widget for Sieve scripts.  read more

16 December 2016

Sending contacts as vCards

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