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Stable version

Package Size SHA-256 checksum
1.1.5 - Dependent (*) Download 3.1 MB ed50384c5ca0bcd9df08e1d0f2a46f2e7f468f583bcf410709f0a0659e00c453
1.1.5 - Complete Download 4.4 MB 476a1d45b0592b2ad43e3e08cbc72e69ef31e33ed8a8f071f02e5a1ae3e7f334
Framework: 1.1.5 Download 1.1 MB 69dd7dc8c26fc6d209df179d5456e9eee0b7bf4cc2091094433f44670bc4da75
LTS Version: 1.0.9 Download 3.9 MB e4825234146230a585326b2dbe5f73df1d58649f366a5c85c2cc9ffdf37569e2

Beta version

Package Size SHA-256 checksum
Dependent (*): 1.2-rc Download 3.3 MB 9d0b29b7b1a97873e99e31d98e068eb52c174fbba06625edc9c92c0d1183b895
Complete: 1.2-rc Download 3.6 MB d7131aae819a847f44227076625aef1923586907b37951883d8d7d5704aa755f
Framework: 1.2-rc Download 1.2 MB 490ddde4eccf2c98f0b9f8e60645d2c64c3f3e554ff5c7322b8a8f3f443890c8

* Dependent packages only contain sources which are licensed under the GPL but they require some third-party packages to be installed along with Roundcube. All requirements are listed in the INSTALL instructions within the package file.

Other sources and downloads

  • Roundcube can also be installed through auto installers like or cPanel.
  • The BitNami Roundcube Stack provides a one-click installer var various platforms and cloud services.
  • Various Unix/Linux distributions provide Roundcube via their package managers. Check your local package repository.
  • For a complete list of releases and release notes please check out the releases page at GitHub and the archives at
  • To get the bleeding edge development version check out the files directly from our github repository.

PGP signatures for package verification

Release tarballs listed above are signed with PGP to allow you to verify the authencity. We sign them with the identity "Roundcube Developers <[email protected]>" alias 41C4F7D5 and the public key can be downloaded from the keyserver or from our website. The signatures can be found with the according release item on the GitHub releases page.

After downloading the pubkey and the signature file, verify packages with

  gpg --verify roundcubemail-<version>.tar.gz{.asc,}



The basic installation of Roundcube is not the end of the world. There are plenty of 3rd party plugins available that extend the functionality or add new features. Check out our Plugins Repository and find what you're missing and read the instructions how to install plugins and keep them up-to-date.

Complete Email Server Packages with Roundcube

The Kolab Groupware Solution provides a complete email and groupware server pre-packaged for various linux distributions with Roundcube sitting on top as its web client. It offers easy configurable LDAP address books, calendars, tasks, mobile synchronization and more. An enterprise version with professional support is available from Kolab Systems.

iRedMail is another fully open source email server solution that lets you install a full-featured email server in a few minutes. It installs and configures the popular open source email components like Postfix, Dovecot, Amavisd and - of course Roundcube - on major Linux and BSD distrubutions.

Mail-in-a-Box turns a fresh cloud computer into a fully equipped, working mail server. The setup provides Roundcube webmail and an IMAP/SMTP server for use with mobile devices and desktop mail software. It also includes contacts and calendar synchronization.

Donations are welcome

Roundcube webmail is free of charge but your donations help us to pay some hosting bills and motivate our developers to continue their great work.

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