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09 February 2011

Bugfix update 0.5.1 is out

This update release fixes some bugs discovered with the 0.5 stable version and also improves security by preventing some possible CSRF attacks. IDNA support has now been improved and some visual glitches in IE and Safari have been resolved.

12 January 2011

Version 0.5 (stable) released

The next major release has now reached stable state and is available for download. The important new features in 0.5 are: full support for shared folders and namespaces, Internationalized Domain Names (IDNA) as well as SMTP Delivery Status Notifications. The UI for managing IMAP folders has changed a bit and provides new space for further extensions and plugins.

17 December 2010

Release candidate for 0.5

Our Christmas gift for 2010 is now available for download. We just published the release candidate package for the upcoming version 0.5 of Roundcube. It’s now feature-complete with a new UI for the IMAP folder management and improved handling for mailing list headers.

27 November 2010

New version 0.5-beta released

We’re happy to announce that a new major release of Roundcube is now available for testing. As usual it contains many bugfixes (thanks to all the reporters and contributers) and brings more stability and speedup as well as some new features such as Internationalized Domain Name (IDNA) support, support for shared/global IMAP folders and support for SMTP Delivery Status Notifications. Plus some minor changes to the message list UI and many improvements under the hood.

06 October 2010

Bugfix release 0.4.2 out now

As you might have heard, also the developers of Roundcube are just human beings and thus not always creating perfect and 100% bug free work. The last 0.4.1 release fixed many bugs but also introduced a quite annoying new one. That’s why the next release follows just one week later. It fixes a few important bugs, especially the “Server Error” message when expanding/collapsing folders and it also updates some previously incomplete localization files.

29 September 2010

Update to 0.4.1 released

This update release fixes the most important bugs of the 0.4 stable release such as the disappearing upload box or buggy SQL scripts. Further more support for format=flowed has been improved and some localization files have been completed.


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23 November 2017

Elastic: Core functionality covered

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23 September 2017


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20 April 2017

Recipient input widget

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27 December 2016

Sieve raw editor

Thanks to great CodeMirror editor and its built-in syntax highlighter we now have a nice editor widget for Sieve scripts.  read more

16 December 2016

Sending contacts as vCards

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11 December 2016

vCard in QR code

Another small feature that will be available in Roundcube 1.3.  read more

02 December 2016

Contact identicons

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10 October 2016

"Mark all as read" option

It was already possible to mark selected messages as read, but it required a few clicks.  read more