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I’d like to inform you that we now decided to switch from launchpad to Transifex to maintain the translations for Roundcube. You can find Roundcube on at

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Update 0.8.4 released

14 November 2012

We just published new packages for Roundcube webmail. This service update mainly fixes a nasty bug which sneaked into the last 0.8.3 release. In addition to that, we also packed some more fixes into this release, one of them a recently reported XSS vulnerability.

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Update 0.8.3 released

10 November 2012

Today we can announce another service release of the Roundcube webmail package. This update adds small bug fixes and improvements to the 0.8 stable series. It also fixes a possible, although unintended, DoS to the webserver running Roundcube. See the included CHANGELOG file for details.

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Update 0.8.2 is out

05 October 2012

Today we can announce another release of the Roundcube webmail package. This service update adds some bug fixes and small improvements to the 0.8 stable series. See the CHANGELOG file for details.

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As usual when a new stable release arrives, there are a few things that didn’t make it into that. Therefore we just published an update release adding bug fixes, some minor feature improvements and, most important, two fixes for a recently reported XSS vulnerability in Roundcube’s HTML message handling.

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Our recent partnership with the Kolab Groupware project is finally showing some results. The Kolab team yesterday published a preview release of their all-new Kolab 3.0 groupware suite including Roundcube as the new web client to access all the relevant groupware functions. Nice work guys!

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