Need help?

For issues concerning the software itself, there are several ways to get help on questions about Roundcube, its installation, configuration and ongoing development. Please choose from the following:

Documentation Wiki

To get additional information on how to set up Roundcube and to find out what all those config parameters are good for, our Wiki will help.

Community forum

Get help at our web-based message board. Different topics like Issues and Bugs, Feature Requests as well as general discussions about the project can be found here:

Please also check our bug tracker for already reported and discussed bugs and feature requests.

Mailing lists

If you have general questions, comments, or suggestions please send them to our mailing lists. The following mailing lists are available for this project:


All topics related to the installation, use and administration of Roundcube Webmail.


Read-only list with announcements like new versions, security bugs and more. Moderated by the project administrator.


Discussion of the ongoing development and next steps. Please don't post bug reports here but file an issue at our bug tracker instead.

In order to post to the lists you need to subscribe first.


All messages can be found in the archive at

IRC chat

Join #roundcube on to ask a question or to just hang out with other Roundcube users.

Links to Roundcube Support Sites
Get Professional Support

Apheleia IT employs several Roundcube developers for their E-Mail and Groupware solutions that integrates Roundcube into their web client (Kolab Now as a hosted solution, and Kolab in general). In some special cases they offer professional support and services for Roundcube, too.

You can contact them with your request by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

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