Installer Update for Composer 2.0

Published: 04 November 2020

Roundcube’s plugin installer is built with Composer and implemented as a custom component to handle packages of type roundcube-plugin. Now Composer has released a new major version 2.0 which brings a few breaking changes.

These changes require an updated version of our plugin installer which is now available as version 0.2.0.

For new installations of Roundcube, the most recent version of the Roundcube plugin installer is pulled and should work fine with both Composer 1.x and Composer 2.0.

If you have an existing Roundcube installation with a composer.json and a composer.lock file and you have just updated Composer to version 2.0, you might need to enforce an update of the roundcube/plugin-installer package in case you encounter errors when installing or updating plugins. Please execute the following command in your Roundcube’s installation directory:

$ composer require "roundcube/plugin-installer:>=0.2.0"

If updating or installing plugins still doesn’t work after this change, please report to our bug tracker.

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