Services Using and Supporting Roundcube

There are literally thousands of services that make use of Roundcube to provide webmail to millions of users. We love to see our application in so many hands and believe it is essential for society at large to have Open Source software available for a crucial task such as communication.

Below is a list of services that not only use, but actively contribute to Roundcube and where usage of those services helps to improve and further develop Roundcube webmail. These are the services that make it possible for us to continue improving our software and to make it freely available for everybody. Preferring one of these services will help them to further support us. is the highly security and privacy centric business and personal groupware hosting from a data centre in central Switzerland. Run by Kolab Systems, the developers of Kolab, KolabNow offers Mail, Calendar, Tasks and File Cloud on all platforms, including mobile.

Payments directly contribute to providing some of the Roundcube infrastructure as well as helping finance the work of Thomas BrĂ¼derli and Aleksander Machniak as Roundcube core developers and authors of multiple plugins.


The quality internet service provider for businesses and consumers in the Netherlands. XS4ALL stands for excellent service, secure, high-quality internet services and social engagement.

XS4ALL has contributed financial support and resources to Roundcube in the past and present, and Cor Bosman is an active, long-standing member of the Roundcube community, as well as developer and maintainer of several Open Source Roundcube plugins.