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23 December 2005

Demo site is back again

After detecting excessive sending of mails on the demo site, we shut it down because it has been used to spread spam mails. Now it’s updated to the latest CVS version and sending mails is deactivated. You can compose and submit messages but they won’t be delivered to the recipients but copied to the Sent folder as usually.

23 December 2005

New mailing lists

Because our development mailing list was filled up with support requests and configuration questions, we decided to add a separate list for RoundCube USERS and keep the dev-list for discussions about ongoing development. If you have questions about the installation, configuration and use of RoundCube Webmail, please subscribe and post to [email protected]

21 October 2005

RoundCube Webmail 0.1-20051021 released

This latest nightly release comes up with improved support for the Courier IMAP server and fixes problems with SSL connections. It also includes minor bug fixes and some visual enhancements.

07 October 2005

RoundCube Webmail 0.1-20051007 released

This new release comes up with support for SQLite and PostgreSQL as well as translations in French, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Dutch. Thanks to all the translators for their work!

30 September 2005

Mailing lists available

For those who worried that the project was given up: relax! I was travelling for one month and that’s why there were no releases and no answers. But now the development team is growing and we set up two mailing lists. Get more details at

21 August 2005

RoundCube Webmail 0.1-20050820 released

The latest nightly build with minor bugfixes and improvements of configuration and performance.


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11 April 2018

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28 January 2018

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23 November 2017

Elastic: Core functionality covered

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23 September 2017


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20 April 2017

Recipient input widget

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27 December 2016

Sieve raw editor

Thanks to great CodeMirror editor and its built-in syntax highlighter we now have a nice editor widget for Sieve scripts.  read more

16 December 2016

Sending contacts as vCards

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